149 th

It has been an incredible 149 years since the steamers of Prague Steamboat Company first sailed the waters of the Vltava River. And no wonder, sailing on a boat around the old Prague sights or taking a day trip to the damn Slapy has always been a wonderful experience.

Thanks to the responsible care for the last two paddle-steamers Vltava and Vyšehrad (which last year were declared a cultural monument), even today you can go on a cruise to Slapy or a trip to Mělník.

You can also go on any of our steamers or motor boats from our fleet on one of the regular cruises to the Zoo or cruises through Prague city center. The most popular cruises also include lunch and dinner on a boat, especially then a gourmet dinner Sweet Prague, on which we sail on a luxury boat Lužnice.

Enjoy a cruise full of experiences and choose the one you like most.

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