Set off on one of our most traditional cruises, whose history goes all the way back to the end of the 19th century. The cruise to Slapy through beautiful nature will bring you a day full of comfort, relaxation and wonderful experiences.

You can look forward to views of picturesque nature, passage through part of the Vltava Cascade and learning about our historical steamboats the Vltava or the Vyšehrad.

During the cruise you can enjoy an informative tour in which you will learn a wide range of historical facts of interest not only about the Vltava River but also about the lock chambers, the ancient market town of Davle and more.

We trust that this cruise be a great experience that you will be happy to remember. Maybe you will even set off with us on an all-day trip to Mělník.

Cruise to Slapy

You will see:

  • picturesque corners of the Vltava River
  • beautiful natural scenery
  • ancient town of Davle

Look forward to:

  • expert tour on the way to Slapy (in Czech)
  • part of the Vltava Cascade
  • passage through several lock chambers
  • learning about the operation of steamboat engines through the glass window in the engine room
  • refreshments during the cruise
  • stop under the Slapy dam

This cruise has been terminated for 2019. New cruise timetable and prices will be published during January 2020. Online sales will be launched in February 2020.

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