During the cruise you will have plenty of time to show the children Prague's famous monuments and tell them about many interesting facts.

boat cruise is a fun for children and for teachers a much less stressful experience than trying to keep track of the children in Prague's overcrowded streets.

School trips

Children will see:

  • the historic Charles Bridge, which the boat will also pass under
  • the magnificent panorama of Prague Castle
  • National Theatre
  • the Dancing House as an example of modern architecture
  • legendary Vyšehrad
  • the Smíchov locks

Tour topics:

  • Šemík's leap from Vyšehrad to the Vltava River, the legend of Přemysl Oráč
  • the emergence of Prague and its settlements on both sides
  • the construction of the National Theatre
  • architectural styles – the sights along the Vltava serve as examples
  • symbiosis of historical and modern architecture – the Dancing House
  • how do lock chambers work – passage through the Smíchov locks

Doubtless you will think of still more topics to discuss with your children during the cruise through Prague. You will see that they will have a fun and memorable experience.

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