The Cecílie is one of the largest vessels in our or any fleet of boats that you will see on the Vltava River in Prague.

You can see it on regular sightseeing cruises, but due to its large capacity it is much more frequently used for special cruises, such as singles parties, dance parties or teambuilding events and training.

Cecilie Boat

About the boat:

  • the boat is equipped with a boat-wide sound system
  • the Cecílie has several decks, which can be freely accessed
  • after the most recent complete renovationthe boat has received an attractive design
  • interior air-conditioned, and heated in winter
  • well-stocked bar, wine shop, barbecue
  • the boat is intended mainly for large events, such as dance and singles parties, large company parties, teambuilding events and training, for large groups and their themed events, etc.

  • Seated capacity - dinner
  • 220
  • Max. capacity
  • 400
  • Capacity - cocktails
  • 200
  • Length
  • 53 m
  • Width
  • 8 m

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