Another modern vessel from the fleet of our eco-friendly small boats is named Horymír. It was designed to be able to navigate to places where large boats cannot, for example, to Devil's Channel or around the Charles Bridge pillars.

It is designed for sightseeing cruises on the Vltava River and private rentals, where you will enjoy quiet operation, comfort, wheelchair access and undeniable elegance.

Horymír Boat

Facts about the boat:

  • ceremonially launched in 2018
  • fast and manoeuvrable high deck trimaran (hence so stable)
  • completely wheelchair accessible
  • It also has a comfortable and stylish interior
  • pure ecological operation – without noise or emissions
  • rear deck is covered

  • Max. capacity
  • 11
  • Submersion
  • -
  • Length
  • -
  • Width
  • -

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