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Grand Bohemia is our newest and most advanced boat. The boat has been a favourite venue for corporate events, office parties, presentations or team buildings of various companies since her introduction to our fleet.

It is no wonder that Grand Bohemia is indeed an ideal boat. Firstly, as a sightseeing boat she sails through the historical centre of Prague or its wider surroundings. Secondly, her modern interior furnishings and sliding glass roof offer a high variability in accordance with weather conditions and customer's desire.
And, last but not least, the thing which makes Grand Bohemia to be truly "grand" is her superior catering. Our customer's wishes, first-rate ingredients and mastery of our chefs are key aspects of catering preparation.

In case that you are still pondering over the right place for your event, the photos of her magnificent decor and delicious food may catch your attention.

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