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This Saturday, 26 April, we set sail on an extraordinary event, the Cruise for a Blue Ribbon. The cruise is based on historical cruises that used to sail on the route Prague - Děčín already 150 years ago.

For this trip we chose the newly renovated boat Labe, which is going to attempt a speed record and an entry in the Czech Book of Records. Prague Steamboat Company will thus resume the tradition of cruises for the Blue Ribbon that was awarded to ships sailing across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Europe. The ship, which had gone the distance in the shortest time earned – in times of absence of air transport – a blue ribbon as a prestigious award.

The follow up of this historic cruise will be exceptional also due to the fact that for the first time during the whole cruise there will be direct commentaries by the Czech Radio, which will have its studio directly on board.

Everyone can then look forward to a professional commentary by the historian of the Vltava and Labe cruise – Ing. Miroslav Hubert – who will be comparing the modern cruise with the historical one. Moreover, on the way, everyone will be able to check out the captain bridge.

Mayor of Prague 1 - O. Lomecký – will personally start the cruise at 7:00 in the dock at Čech Bridge. The boat Labe will set sail towards Kralupy upon Vltava. In this section it will pass the total of six lock chambers (Praha - Štvanice, Praha - Podbaba, Roztoky, Dolánky, Miřejovice, Hořín). Soon after leaving the dock breakfast will be served on the boat.


At noon the boat will arrive through the historical navigation channel Vraňany – Hořín to the confluence of Labe and Vltava in Mělník. Here, it will sail through the technical monument of 1905, the waterwork Hořín, which with its 8.5m represents the highest navigation degree in the section Prague to Mělník.


Then our guests will explore the beautiful panorama of the Mělník castle and the vineyards of Lobkowicz. During a peaceful cruise on the canalized river Labe a three-course lunch will be served. Following the way through Litoměřice to Lovosice, the boat will pass another 5 water levels in Dolní Beřkovice, Štětí, Roudnice nad Labem, České Kopisty, and Lovosice.


Around 16:30 the boat will sail past the beautiful Marina Labe in a unique sandstone lake in Píšťany, and then we will sail through another wine-growing region of the Velké Žernoseky


Our boat will enter the picturesque countryside of the Czech Central Mountains and will sail through the so-called Bohemian Gate - Porta Bohemica. Then, in Ústí nad Labem the boat will go through the lock chambers from 1936, under the castle Střekov


The lock will transfer the boat about 7 m lower on the surface of the Lower Labe. We will sail through the center of Ústí nad Labem under the Mariánská Rock, where the boat will continue under a beautiful bridge, which in 1998 was awarded as one of the ten best buildings in the world of the last decade.


In the final part of the cruise the ship will sail through the canyon between steep hills along the Elbe River to the point of destination – the city of Děčín


Shipping Schedule

7:00  Praha - Čech Bridge – beginning of the event
7:25 Praha - Štvanice
8:10 Praha - Podbaba
9:00 Roztoky
9:50 Dolánky
10:40 Miřejovice
12:00 Hořín
12:30 Dolní Beřkovice
13:20 Štětí
14:10 Roudnice nad Labem
15:00 České Kopisty
15:50 Lovosice
18:00 Střekov
20:00 Děčín


990 CZK including breakfast, lunch and professional guide

650 CZK (children 3-11 years) 

The length of the cruise

13 hours

Where to find us