Smichov Lock

Due to a temporary shutdown of Prague Smíchov Lock that will take place between 31 October - 27 November will be all river cruises on the Vltava River in Prague taken through Štvanice Lock only.

This is the reason why the Big Cruise through Prague will not be on offer until 27 November, though you can choose from a wide variety of river cruises offered by the Prague Boats Company - all cruises start from Čechův Bridge.

Smíchov Lock

The lock at Smíchov is divided by a gate in the middle into two parts, the overall length is 175m, at its widest point the lock is 16,3m wide and at its narrowest point only 11m wide. These days Smíchov Lock is the busiest lock not only in Prague but on the whole Vltava River, namely thanks to sightseeing river cruises, each day there are about 80 boats sailing through up and down.

The lock was designed between 1911 and 1914 by the architect František Sandner at a time when the whole embankment was being adjusted. The best view of the boats moving in the lock is from Dětský ostrov - certainly a wonderful experience not only for the kids!

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