One of the most prestigious news servers in the Czech Republic published a very interesting supplement describing „10 Prague unique places“. On the list there are Prague Castle, Przewalski’s horses, Negrelli’s viaduct, Strahov stadium, tube post, trams, UNESCO reservation, Závist Oppidum, O2 Arena and also paddle steamers.

Not many people know that in Prague there are actually only two real paddle steamers, not just „only“ boats. These are the Vyšehrad and the Vltava, history of which dates back to the 1930s and 1940s respectively.

The Vyšehrad steamboat was built before World War II, in 1938, and is one of the biggest boats in Prague, being able to carry up to three hundred passangers. These days it is used namely for charming dinner cruises in Prague.

The Vltava steamboat is two years younger than Vyšehrad, it was launched in 1940. The paddle steamer recently underwent complete reconstruction and regained its original appearance. The Vltava is without any doubt one of the most astonishing boats not only in Bohemia but in the whole of Europe. Nowadays it is used mostly for sightseeing river cruises from Kampa by Charles Bridge.

You can see the supplement (only in Czech though) here.

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