As a successful company we feel socially responsible for the environment in which we do business and in which we live. That's why we have decided to go green and do our utmost to achieve a sustainable operation.


We are making our fleet more environmentally friendly

We started with a major change in our fleet. As a result, all of our cruisers today meet the strictest European standards and some boats are powered by hybrid or electric engines.


Saying goodbye to disposable plastics

We do not like the plastic contamination of our planet, so we already eliminated unnecessary disposable plastics in our restaurants last year. You will not find plastic cups, cutlery, plates or straws in our boats.


We are conserving local waters

The modernisation of our fleet is only the first step. We are intrinsically linked to water, which, unfortunately, our country has had a shortage of in recent years. Therefore, we decided to contribute to the planting of trees that retain moisture in the landscape. In 2018 we planted 10,000 trees and this year we are continuing this activity.


We don't waste

We try not to waste, so we compost all residues from food preparation and unused buffet in several composters. For your info, we dispose of about 80 kg of organic waste per day in this environmentally friendly way (approx. 500–600 kg per week), from which 40–50 kg of compost is produced. It is then used to fertilise trees and flowers.


We are improving the urban microclimate

To help improve the urban microclimate, we have newly created a "green pontoon", a tree-planted pontoon, on the Dvořák embankment.


We are cleaning up our surroundings

We regularly clean up the riverside and banks of the Vltava, where unfortunately discarded packaging is still lying around.


We listen to you

We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy beautiful nature and clean cities where they can live. That is why we are open to other ideas about environmentally friendly behaviour. Help us and send us your ideas.

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Recycling ecological waste

Cleaning the Vltava river

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